5 Unique TIPS to BEAT Low Stakes Poker! | Poker Vlog #48

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Poker is a hard game to win. It can be even harder at low stakes, when you’re not only trying to beat other players, but the rake is taking a large percentage of the pot. In this video, I go over some of my biggest tips for beating low stakes poker. This video was filmed at the Hustler Casino for the Max Pain Monday Meetup Game. I was playing $2/3 no limit; so without further adieu, enjoy the session!

00:00 Intro
1:00 97 of Clubs in the Hijack
2:22 ATo on the Button
2:40 67 of Hearts on the Button
3:42 AA in the Cutoff
6:00 55 in the Hijack
7:43 AJ of Hearts in the Small Blind
8:41 PLO Double Board Bomb Pot
11:48 Outro & Results

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5 Unique TIPS to BEAT Low Stakes Poker! | Poker Vlog #48

10 thoughts on “5 Unique TIPS to BEAT Low Stakes Poker! | Poker Vlog #48

  1. Clarification on some of these tips:

    Overall these are some of my tips on how to BEAT low stakes, but you still need to have good fundamentals to apply these tips properly. ALSO, there are multiple paths to being profitable. Ultimately you have to choose a strategy you think is best for you.

    More clarification

    Tip 1: I’m not saying to buy in as deep as possible (especially if you’re a beginner or aren’t great deep stack). Try buying in around 100 BBs.

    Tip 2: Slowly work aggression into your game, and learn how to implement it in your strategy

    Tip 3-5: no clarification needed

  2. Plo: triple the last bet then add the remaining either/ both bet on that street and what's in the middle. I believe you had 70 in the middle. Guy bet 45. So 45 x 3 = 135 + 70 = 205. That's your max raise.

  3. Hus played you saying he was gonna limp reraise hoping someone would try to trap, so he gets to see a cheap flop with his trash and bust someone. It would’ve worked too had you not got lucky. These guys seem crazy, but they’re not all dumb, they know someone will try to trap them eventually.

    Played in a game where someone was making ridiculous raises everytime a splash pot was played (casino added an envelope with a mystery prize to the pot) This guy finally checked his option once he saw everyone limp, and this later allowed him to raise future pots with legit hands in order to get action

  4. Big fan of tip one. And just these tips in general really. Keep up the great content, your drive and ambition inspire me 🙂

  5. Getting slightly jealous hearing how that guys name is Rigo. On the downlow, I Kind of wish that was my name.

  6. Hustler rake is literally the highest in CA. Impossible to beat long term. Please do not spread disinformation like this.

  7. The fact that you replied to every comment shows the type of dude you are! Congrats man and thanks for the tips, if u remember correctly from your TikTok you have a wife and a kid and i hood in the future you can provide for them while creating the content and making money doing what we all love! Good luck man

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