$50 Per deal Video Poker! 10-Play $1 Jacks or Better – Session #1

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Steve and Matt Bourie from the American Casino Guide book, play 10-play, 9/5 Jacks or Better video poker at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida. They are on a $1 machine, betting a total of $50 each time they push the deal button and their initial buy-in is $1,000. Can they come out ahead on this game?

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10 thoughts on “$50 Per deal Video Poker! 10-Play $1 Jacks or Better – Session #1

  1. I'm surprised you didn't try to get refunded for the malfunctioning machine (sticky button). Holding 1 ace instead of the pair of aces cost you around $58 in EV. If the machine malfunctions in your favor the casino has no problem making sure that you don't get paid and voiding your jackpot. It should work the other way around as well, especially since you have evidence on video that you had the pair of aces.

  2. just curious if you're aware of the wizardofodds jacks or better optimal strategy page?

  3. You guys have been inching your way towards high limit video poker, and I love it haha!

  4. Pooling your $$$ and switching off is a great thing double the play and half the losses..both in on jackpots as well

  5. Just wanted to make a note here that the numbers you have on your web site for casino payout percentage in Las Vegas are from 2019 which is an ancient history because of Covid – if you read the numbers out from the Nevada Gaming Control Board ( and gaming commission ) the numbers are HORRIFIC , 2 months ago for the first in Las Vegas history the Strip casinos start paying more than Downtown , and you know how bad the strip casinos are paying – boulder casinos payout numbers went deep down already 3 weeks from the official opening ….. Las Vegas casinos now are the worst paying casinos in the US of A … please updated your numbers – i follow your channel and website for many years and hold you guys up as the best !!! so thank you !!!

  6. Did the bank give you that $1000 all at once? did they ask what you are going to do with the cash?

  7. Really enjoy watching you two play as I always learn something. Been playing VP for only 3 years, but It wasn't until this video that I learned for certain that the cards you throw away are not eligible to be redealt in the draw.

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