$503,160 Memorial Day Money Maker Tournament Final Table

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TCH Live brings you the Memorial Day Money Maker Poker Tournament Final Table with $250,000 GTD and an even bigger prize pool of $462,410. If you love watching the best hands and poker strategy during live poker tournament final tables, make sure you’re tuned in to watch!

$500 buy-in.
Entrants 1,198

PRIZE POOL – $503,160
1st – $103,150
2nd – $65,410
3rd – $43,400
4th – $31,190
5th – $24,130
6th – $19,510
7th – $15,670
8th – $11,890
9th – $8,220

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$503,160 Memorial Day Money Maker Tournament Final Table

3 thoughts on “$503,160 Memorial Day Money Maker Tournament Final Table

  1. That was a dumb chop on 4th place. I would not chop for less than 40K.

  2. Absolutely no ICM if you're at a final table. Get screwed??? No thanks

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