5 thoughts on “55 r – lucky? – #pokerbrandon #poker #pokerstrategy #pokerreels #pokertips #AA #bluff #aces #Kk

  1. U are probably the worst player to have a youtube channel. I have no idea why i keep seeing your reels when i have blocked you. You lead sets and better from oop four ways, any time sb checks ok you, you “sense weakness” and make a ridiculous bluff, you put your opponents on whatever suits you, your “confusion bet” of 1% pot is always nutted and guess what- you never get value from it and then when u actually bet big i know that you are more likely to be bluffing and lose more. Not to forget your pre-flop sizing- limping suited aces and connectors, min 3 betting to “isolate” with some trash/decent hand and getting 5 callers because of the bad size but then 3betting big when you have aces/kings. I have been cringing/getting angry with your “poker” for the last 2 months so please block me from your channel. Don’t teach players how to be donkeys- in the comments i often see people asking you for advice because you are probably promoting your page well. Don’t lite their money on fire.

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