6 Truths About LIVE Cash Game Poker

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Live cash game #poker is totally different than playing online. With several unique facets, including tells, rake, and the inability to multi-table, live players need to prepare differently. This video shares six truths about live poker that I wish I fully understood as a newer player, so you can avoid making the same mistakes I did. Enjoy this addition to my #vlog and good luck!

0:00 Live Cash Game Poker Truths
0:42 Live Poker Is Super Slow
2:02 You Are Too Loose
3:25 Live Rake Is Quite High
5:36 Live Poker Is Still Very Beatable
7:10 Live Poker Tells vs Strategy
8:10 The Swings Can Be Brutal


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6 Truths About LIVE Cash Game Poker

10 thoughts on “6 Truths About LIVE Cash Game Poker

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  2. Tells are about 10% of a hand. But paying attention preflop makes a big difference in the hand against recs. $20 an hour at a 100bb game is very doable paying attention to tells. $30 an hour at a 150bb game.

  3. Swings are very brutal. I used to play 6 tabling online full ring for 30 hours a week. That's ~42,000 hands per month. You can have some massive swings in 1 month online. The same amount of hands is 1 year playing live full time (2000 hours a year) to put things in perspective.

    And I did have that one year live. Luckily I tracked my hands and realized it wasn't me, it was variance in large all in pots killing me.

  4. Agreed on most points but particularly that playing too many small pots live is a HUGE leak. And as you said, makes hand recall very difficult when you start to think about why and how you ended the session in the red, so it's not good for your bankroll or your study.

  5. i have tremors. They have made me money (and cost me0 money as people think they are tells.

  6. Low stakes Live Game Tip #7:
    If you bet and get raised and all you have is top-pair, fold. This will save you a ton of money in the long term. Not many players at low stakes are making “moves” or bluffing in these situations. They’re doing it because they have two-pair or better.

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