Ask Alec: How to Do I Deal with TRASH TALKING Players? (Poker Tips)

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One of my readers asks me recently how I am dealing with poker table talk. This is a very Interesting question because it is very important to know how to deal with poker table talk. Poker players have different views about poker table etiquette so feel free to share your poker tips and tricks about this topic in a comment below.

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Ask Alec: How to Do I Deal with TRASH TALKING Players? (Poker Tips)

10 thoughts on “Ask Alec: How to Do I Deal with TRASH TALKING Players? (Poker Tips)

  1. Even the good talkers, whom are great players, i enjoy talking talking more crap then them, i just go Phil laak style. Cause frankly you should know how to play the game (odds/history/thinking) while having fun being social, even sometimes during hands. Beats and getting outplayed, been taken well, will lead to you and the rest of the table vibe to stay positive. Key to success is how many uncomfortable conversations your willing to have… And we all want to succeed 🙂
    Great work on the channel, very useful stuff here for the community A.T.

  2. As I'm fairly quiet at the table and when I'm in a hand facing a barrage of talking, I tend to find a spot in the middle of the table and focus on that spot keeping very still without responding to anyone until they complete their action. That's how I'd deal with someone like Will Kassouf!!

  3. ill usually say some bad like "No wonder you dont have a wife" or if they have a wedding ring "Bet your wife loves when youre here finally silent at home" then ignore them

  4. would be nice in these kind of videos if you included a video clip of a similar situation from some tv poker table

  5. Thanks for the video Alec, really interesting and useful as always! On a side note, check out the sneaky dinosaur shaped bush in the far distance. Its on the left, in line with your ear just below the tree line!! ROFL 🙂

  6. I remember I raised someone on the turn while I was on a flush draw. He asked me what did I have and I did not say anything. He then decided to show me his cards which was top pair top kicker AJ then called my raise. I did not his my flush on the river (3 clubs on the board and I had the ace of clubs) I was first to act and went all in. The guy folded quickly. (I was playing conservatively).

  7. Honestly its usually the black guys in Detroit who thats part of their game to get under your skin. I'm great action for these silly 1-2 games so I just leave when they start jawing, slow rolling, etc and tell the table "You can that this big mouth for me leaving. Have fun playing your nit fest."

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