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Robert D asks “As a US player, I’ve found the softest games to be Bovada’s zone tables. However, since they are anonymous, tracking software (HM2,PT4 etc) are useless. Anything on this form of poker would be greatly appreciated and extremely useful” …

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Bovada’s Zone Poker Advice | Ask SplitSuit

6 thoughts on “Bovada’s Zone Poker Advice | Ask SplitSuit

  1. Thanks Again Mr. Sweeney , I play on Bovada and if you pay attention you can get quick reads ….for instance if someone calls a raise from the SB with Q3s or maybe someone open limping K4 off UTG, …or perhaps showing down top pair/no kicker in a big multi-way pot…you should note these players immediately … look for bad fundamental play

  2. At 25NL Zone, after playing for an hour, if about half of my pre-flop raises are being 3-bet or about half of my cbets are being check raised, I've found that it's best to leave the table. I have no clue how to make money in these situations. Recently I started playing at Black Chip and, although my sample size is too small, found it it to be a much lower variance and easier venue, as people cannot attempt to bluff you relentlessly there with impunity. I applied for their debit card. If they pay, I'll stay. I'm also going to start playing again at SWC. I only left after the big BTC crash. There are many more people at the tables there now.

  3. Anonymous poker is simply more realistic poker.  In other words, if I go to the WSOP and plunk down my 10k I will be at tables with people I've never seen in my life.  It's up to me to pay attention and make observations.  The same thing I should be doing when playing online.  I do not use a HUD.  They make you lazy and don't make much difference to your ROI.  I used to use PT3/4 and quit and it didn't make a bit of difference.

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