10 thoughts on “Destiny on stupid poker rules

  1. When someone says "i want you to call" they do not want a call from you they are bluffing most of the time.

  2. I disagree with Destiny here, being able to win by pure tilt is pathetic, and there's no way to avoid it, Destiny can't even win his league games when his own teammates steal blue.
    That's why Tony G is a pro, it's because he can't win without talking.

  3. This guy is such a fraud. Destiny's watched the soap opera that was mid-2000s "TV" poker and thinks he knows how professionals play. Remember, this is the guy that said that he worked for casinos, but "had never heard of casinos providing short-term loans in HIS LIFE."

    Look at his face as he gushes over the scripted nonsense from 15 years ago. Go back to StarCraft. bad is embarrassing.

  4. Top result: Tony G gets punched

    Yeah that checks out. loveing love that man

  5. Under duress at a poker table. Gotta love how this is painted as unnatural by these unicucks

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