Expert Insight Poker Tip: Knowing the Odds and Percentages

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Phil Gordon teaches you the most common percentages every serious poker player should know.

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Expert Insight Poker Tip: Knowing the Odds and Percentages

10 thoughts on “Expert Insight Poker Tip: Knowing the Odds and Percentages

  1. he is right. but for example, the exaple with the flush draw, you also have 1 over card (the Ace) so the percentages are a little off if u r up agaist something like KJ or QJ, and in those cases (and some more) you will have better odds to make a call – so think about it too.

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  3. so the chance of every card to make a pair on the flop is 36%? because I see it's times 6, A K, 6 outs times 6, 36%, a set, 2 outs, times 6 = 12%

  4. according to my calculation make a flush by river is closer to 40%
    make a straight by river is cloer to 35%
    you just divide outs by remaining cards in deck its easy to do and very small margin of error so why isn't this video more accurate?
    am i missing something?

  5. "If your number of outs exceed 8, you have to substract the excess of outs, in this case 9-8=1 from total probability."
    why do you subtract the 1% when you have more than 8 outs?

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    My hand feels touched as well as it touches; reality says this, and nothing more.

  7. can someone please explain me why ace-king have 40 % to make a pair or higher? 6 outs from the start should be 12 percentage chance to make a pair per card. 12 times 5 is 60%. its driving me crazy 😀

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