February High Stakes Online Poker Strategy – 6-max $5k NL

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The monthly High Stakes Poker thread has long been a staple of the 2+2 forums

Today’s video is part 2 of a series. The community has spoken; the hands posted in the Two Plus Two monthly High Stakes thread have been decreed to be worth looking at. With this in mind, Uri digs into hands from the thread, and shares his thoughts on the action. As always, his level of analysis touches on the finer nuances of high stakes online poker strategy, and his unique insights shine a light on what should be going through any serious player’s head when they face off across the virtual felt.

Two-Plus-Two February High Stakes Thread:

Hand 1:

Hands 2-5:

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February High Stakes Online Poker Strategy – 6-max $5k NL

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  1. Please make a live session on low-mid stakes with the thinking process to explain the red line philosophy and concepts Uri.
    It will be very valuable and help to take your course after.

  2. I love your content but I didn't learn much from watching recs play non-standard lines. Would like to see more solver stuff from you.

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