Flopping a FLUSH with $1,800 Behind! ($1k NL Poker Highlight)

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Do you like my play in this blind vs blind hand? Does your poker strategy differ when you flop a flush? Let me know how you’d play this poker hand differently!

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It’s always great to raise a suited mid connector and to flop a flush, the question is how do we play it?

What does our poker strategy look like with our entire range on this board, and are we playing against a poker player we should adjust that strategy against?

How do you think I played this hand, did you like my overbet on the river or should I have adjusted my sizing?

Let me know if you have a poker strategy suggestion for this or any other poker highlight on this channel.

There will be plenty more online poker live stream highlights coming as the mid stakes and high stakes WSOP online no limit streets are pumping with action while the World Series of Poker is in Las Vegas.

It’s a good time to break down and upload no limit poker live stream highlights!

If you’d like me to stream more no limit poker live or have a specific online PLO poker tournament you’d like me to play, please let me know in the comments (along with critiquing my play in this poker hand!)
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Flopping a FLUSH with $1,800 Behind! ($1k NL Poker Highlight)

5 thoughts on “Flopping a FLUSH with $1,800 Behind! ($1k NL Poker Highlight)

  1. There is no way 56dd is an ob on the river when we bbb. Are you just polarizing all your flushes then?

    Maybe when we c flop but bbb our hands that polarize are nut flushes k high flushes boats and quads.

    56dd is way too wide.

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