Pocket JACKS – The WORST Hand In Poker? #shorts

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During an online knockout poker tournament, poker professional Jonathan Little has pocket jacks on the button! After Jonathan 3-bets, he makes a promise to put all the money in if he gets raised. He gets snap-raised all-in, and makes the call thinking he’s at best flipping; but his opponent shows pocket nines and Jonathan is WAY ahead! But when his opponent flops a set, Jonathan laughs, shakes his head and re-buys into the online poker tournament.

On this poker channel you will find everything you need to improve as a poker player! Jonathan analyzes live poker hands from TV poker shows such as Hustler Casino Live & PokerGO. He also covers popular poker vloggers such as Brad Owen & Rampage Poker. You’ll frequently see some of the most popular poker professionals including Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth, Phil Ivey & Tom Dwan! Each week Jonathan releases a specific poker strategy video that will help you take your poker game to the next level!

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Pocket JACKS – The WORST Hand In Poker? #shorts

10 thoughts on “Pocket JACKS – The WORST Hand In Poker? #shorts

  1. Have you ever won with pocket jacks? What is the secret? 🤔

  2. It happens, we are just getting our $ in and looking for the times it doesn't happen. isn't that the reason we play consistently?

  3. Literally at the beginning of my tournament 200 bb deep this guy ships it with 55 I snap with AA and he hits the 5 on the flop I couldn’t help but laugh and put my phone down😂 no rebuy I played 3 min

  4. This man….. has a gambling problem. Please seek help, Mr. Johnathan Little!! Before the God Damned Devil takes over and never let's go 😈. Next thing you know you'll be chooting up with Mr. Brownstone behind your local Target and none of us want to see that. You're in my prayers 🥸🤒🤮👹

  5. With jacks you're flipping at best there, only ahead of like 3 hands so how is this a good call.

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