10 thoughts on “How to BEAT 1/2 live poker // Poker Vlog #9

  1. Great Video man. I'm starting to play live more now and this helps! Saw you at Magic City the other day btw. Keep these videos coming.

  2. Lex, great stuff as usual. I love how you dissect strategy during the hands. Keep up the good work.

  3. Thanks man! Busted 2 BI’s in Tampa Hard Rock 1/2 this helped a whole lot though for next time 👍🏽💯

  4. I am going to watch this before every session from now on. I've ruined two otherwise great sessions recently because I couldn't fold to a big turn bet raise with good but not great hands. Love your channel and congrats on the huge win you just posted. Looking forward to seeing all the action at TCH in the coming weeks. Keep crushing it!

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