How to BLUFF Your Straight Draws (Just Do This!)

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This straight draw bluffing strategy has skyrocketed my winnings lately. And I think it will improve your profits as well.

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How to BLUFF Your Straight Draws (Just Do This!)

10 thoughts on “How to BLUFF Your Straight Draws (Just Do This!)

  1. Have you tried this straight draw strategy? Also, you will never see a winning poker player do these 5 things:

  2. Hi Nathan
    I have heard you talking about table selection as a Crucial part of winning strategy nowadays. However most poker sites have taken it that far that they consider TS as bumhunting and ban people. Would you say it is not an option anymore in 2023? Or what is the way then?

  3. If bluffing is your intention shouldn't you raise decently on the turn instead of giving opponents another card to make their hand ?

  4. 10 comes on the river and the villain after two barrels hit his straight with AQ 😂

  5. 3:56 "there are 4 fives remaining in the deck and there are 4 Ts remaining in the deck"

    Yeah and what if other players have a 5 or 10 in their hand? 😎 Or even worst what if other players have a pair of 10s or 5s

    That idea of 4 remaining in the deck is stupid AF!!! Siiiiiiuuuu 😎

  6. Nathan, please tell me what the two betting lines would be for a blank river and a river that completes the draw. for both a check and a bet from villain. Ty

  7. I stopped slow platying big pairs in mtts i just go all in final tabled $82 bounty builder doing this. Finished 7th

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