How to DESTROY Loose Aggressive Poker Players

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The loose aggressive (LAG) poker player can be a difficult player type to play against, let’s talk through the poker strategy adjustments you can make!

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One of the most important adjustments you can make to your poker strategy when playing vs a loose aggressive poker player is to tighten up your ranges preflop.

This is not necessarily a poker strategy adjustment that will allow you to win against this player type if the loose aggressive player is better than you, but it will definitely allow you to lose less vs them!

You will face more aggression and pressure from this player type (as the name suggests) and if you are playing your standard poker ranges you will have to be folding a ton more on each street, playing tighter allows you to call down easier (and even trap as this poker player type loves to bluff!)
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How to DESTROY Loose Aggressive Poker Players

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  1. Yoooo Phil respect
    My girl started to make me get my eye brows wax you would enjoy it 👍🏻

  2. But this is basic analytics, smart players will adjust to you and start opening strong hands and vice versa

  3. Patience combined with a trap is the way. Wait for a premiun hand (aces, kings, etc.) And slow play them. They'll jam you by the river. Take your money and go because they will rebuy and beat you.

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