10 thoughts on “Domination in Texas Holdem

  1. Big deal. I started with 20 dollars in casino and I currently have 17k in my safety box. First day I stepped into casino, I carried 200 bucks but I only needed 20. So technically, I started with 20 bucks. $20 to 17k although it took me a year. You do the math. Instead of playing microstake tourneys online where nobody gives a bad about losing 10 cents n play wrecklessly, why not prove yourself by playing with real cash in real table, or play higher stakes online where ppl play seriously.

  2. well, first im only 16 yo. can't get into casino. and i don't have enough money to get into the higher stakes left. i have bankroll management i only play like 1.5% of myroll. and the people at the microstakes actually do care, they just suck. and with jokerstars,sucking is winning. which is why im on a seasonally bad run right now,im about to snap out of it.what's your screenname on pstars?

  3. i don't have pokerstars. But I remember you talking hella bad against me but yet, you're just another microstake online donk who thinks who knows lotta bad about poker after winning over 100 dollars. Son, I can make 1/3 of your bankroll within 20 minutes just by button raising and stealing blinds twice. I play 5/10 live.

  4. look, you made 17K in ONE YEAR! and you're a grown ass man?sheesh! 17K a year,get a job

  5. Everyone starts somewhere and poker was just my hobby. I started from 20 bucks and it took a while for me to get to where I am because I only play during weekends. I don't play online. You on the other hand, prolly play online ALL DAY, EVERY SINGLE DAY in your mom's basement. I started playing 5/10 about 4 months ago, starting end of January. I have a job, which is WHY i have my own apartment and middle-class car.

  6. I had upto 20k until I ran into horrible run of bad beats and cards. But if I calculate all the expenses I've spent from winnings, it'll prolly be about 25-26k.

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