Why Most People SUCK at Poker (According to a Pro Poker Player)

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In this video New Team Gripsed Pro Alex Fitzgerald aka Assassinato breaks down why the human mind is not meant to play poker, and why the primary goal of poker is counter to default human behavior
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Full list of topics discussed in this poker training video include
-Why Alex’s teaching style helps you retain more information
-why The human mind is not mean to play poker… and how to understand incentives
-Why making the most profitable play is often avoided by most poker players
-What the real goal in poker is and why it’s not the default behaviour of humans
-Why Humans are really bad at accepting losses… and will seek pleasure instead
-Most people play to avoid pain rather than maximize profit
-Calling to see if you can make a hand is gambling, driving the betting instead is being the house…
-How to turn your hands into profitable situations… Hint: use the RAISE button (raise, re-raise, etc.)
-How often people will fold to a 3-bet when opening a typical range and 4-betting a typical range
-How Texas hold’em was created (you’re going to love this story!)
-An intro to flopzilla’s combination counter and how it can help you plan your c-betting strategy
-How to stop relying on ‘hitting cards’ and start making money with any two cards!
-Why calling a raise out of position is the biggest sucker bet in the world
-How a real hustler, a real grinder thinks vs the average poker player…
-Why Most players have good but not great results, and how to change it


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Why Most People SUCK at Poker (According to a Pro Poker Player)

10 thoughts on “Why Most People SUCK at Poker (According to a Pro Poker Player)

  1. Oh my goodness gracious, all this math and new poker tech stuff, i gaurentee old school is coming back, big deal is some hoodie kid 9 bets me and i fold. Ill eventually catch him, again and again and again. Ya old school, u said urself humans love to call, well old scholl is aces kings and queens, let em call that, or better yet 3 bet my bullets

  2. The reason I called was I was on the button. How can you take advantage of position if you raise from the button? If he comes over the top or shoves you might be better but your position gives you absolutely no advantage at that point.

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