Little Poker Advice #213: Don’t get deflated!

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Don’t get deflated!

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Little Poker Advice #213: Don’t get deflated!

10 thoughts on “Little Poker Advice #213: Don’t get deflated!

  1. I just lost two days in a row, Big.
    I really needed this message. I’m going to have a great day today regardless of results. Cheers

  2. Wow Jonathan thank you so very much for your positivity! I really needed to hear that. I also want to truly that you for the pre flop charts. For each positions etc.

  3. Thanks for the snippet of encouragement . I made a really bad fold far into the money in the $600 NLH Wynn Winter Classic tournament, and it's been haunting me ever since.

  4. Omg Jonathan, you're channel is amazing! The poker advice, weekly hands, and then I find these little nuggets of gold! I'm keen to play some live cash poker, and this channel is so good for me, but these little pro tips from you and your son, wonderful! Thank you Jonathan, thank you!

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