MAJOR POKER SCAM: The $450,000 Con Artist

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This is the story of Dustin Aab, a “hustle culture” Instagram influencer who promised big returns and easy money. All he needed was hundreds of thousands of dollars of your cash. Unfortunately for Ethan Yau @RampagePoker , who lost $450k in the scheme, it was all a big lie.

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MAJOR POKER SCAM: The $450,000 Con Artist

10 thoughts on “MAJOR POKER SCAM: The $450,000 Con Artist

  1. I do find it fascinating that somebody with such a high poker IQ can be scammed in real life. I guess I learned the tell of real life scams before learning poker bluff and other poker tells, but damn..

  2. Hey Doug I got an amazing opportunity for you. You get to help me become a make a wish poker player. I’ll play you heads up and then you can decide.

  3. @dougpolk I don't use social or some Russian private chat you want to talk to me do it like a normal person I'm 2 and half hrs away from where you live in Austin no problem stopping by the lodge or your front door I don't know what the comment was about investing in you all I'm saying is I would go get my money not cry about it on YouTube you people get ripped off when you don't need to grow a pair of balls and go get your money is what I was saying if Ethan really wanted his money back he could track the dude down and get it or take the bad out of his house and complaining that someone threatened the family? Lol well don't steal money lol that's pretty simple 🤷‍♂️'s just funny to watch people talk bad on here and not do anything about it I would be obligated and obliged to take care of my issues

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