10 thoughts on “NEVER play a hand when you’re about to cash out #pokervlog #poker #texasholdem #pokerstars #shorts

  1. In the Casino I play at, in this case the button wouldn’t be allowed to raise because CO didn’t make 2x raise. Interesting to see other rule and how they work

  2. I never have this issue because I never have any chips when I'm about to cash out 🙁

  3. Had my chips racked up. Stood up and zipped up my jacket about to cash out. Dealer delt me pocket 4s. I call a raise going 4 way to the flop. Flopped a set on 9-4-3 rainbow. I bet. Everyone calls. Long story short. I lose $400 to J-10 off 🤦‍♂️😡

  4. It’s one session that never ends don’t understand why people don’t get this

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