Phil Hellmuth’s MASSIVE Mistake?! #shorts

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It’s another high stakes poker cash game on Hustler Casino Live, and this time it’s poker legend Phil Hellmuth versus fan favorite J.R. After calling with just king high on the flop, Hellmuth leads out on the turn for $6,000 with absolutely nothing! J.R. raises to $19,000 and Hellmuth makes an ambitious call?! Why does Hellmuth snap call on the river with just king high? Did he misread his hand or did he really think his poker hand was ahead?

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Phil Hellmuth’s MASSIVE Mistake?! #shorts

10 thoughts on “Phil Hellmuth’s MASSIVE Mistake?! #shorts

  1. Do YOU think Hellmuth misread his hand or do you think he thought king high was good? 🤔

  2. The only Helmuth poker skill is tightness…
    And im pretty sure my 10 yr old kid could teach him maths..😅

  3. "He fell for it, but he had a set".. Man.. He might be a good tournament player, but he's a horrible cash game player

  4. Did i just hear helmuth say he fell for it, but he had a set?!:) i mean if he had a set phil he didn't fell for nothing lol he had the best hand and value raised you xd

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