Phil Ivey Tells You How to Win in Poker

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Phil Ivey tells you how to win. He is a multiple world series of poker champion. He makes a living Betting on different casino games and he has made a very good life for himself.

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Phil Ivey Tells You How to Win in Poker

10 thoughts on “Phil Ivey Tells You How to Win in Poker

  1. Of course you’re not a prodigy. A prodigy is a child that performs at an adult level.

  2. If Ivey gave me a staredown I'd fold a Royal Flush in a second. That's how scary a player he is.

  3. Internet poker is disgusting rigged for action.. not saying it’s favouring a certain player but I dunno play 10 hands and in about 8 of them someone gets a straight or higher

  4. doyle brunson still thinks about the hands he played and he 's over 80. there r so many possible ways to play a hand. whoever is more lucky in his lifetime will make the most money. luck evens out in the long run but we only have a finite amount of years to live so some ppl will get more lucky than othrs. phil ivey's luck ran out so he's broke now. same with durr. that said, its better to play good and not just rely on luck. phil is right about one thing: no one plays perfect poker each session bc so many variables during each session. there 's no such thing as poker wizard or prodigy because if there were they would be on top every year consistently. some pros are better than others bc they study more. but in the end luck has a lot to do with it even tho poker is a game of skill and u can earn a living doing so. it's better to be lucky than good.

  5. I once folded a Royal to Phil Ivey, turned out I made the correct lay down. This guys a killer

  6. I’m glad he didn’t ramble on about GTO , ranges , solvers , and stuff like that.

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