Poker Strategy – How to Crush Fish Postflop

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Part 2 from James ‘Splitsuit’ Sweeney – This time on how to crush the fish Postflop.

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Poker Strategy – How to Crush Fish Postflop

10 thoughts on “Poker Strategy – How to Crush Fish Postflop

  1. On the AK vs AJ hand, I kinda feel as if once you both went check check on the flop, his range is really narrowed to broadway combos and small pairs, not that check bet bet is the best line but barreling twice at that point could probably get him off small pairs, but yeah like you said, you want to wait for better spots and they don't fold often, just don't that play would be terribly criminal.

  2. I am truly interested in this video however it is worth nothing without audio. I have to say that don't feel comfortable with PokerVIP if this is what you can offer?

  3. Hey Durree22,

    Seems that you are correct and I would like to apologize that the video above lacks sound. We are working on this now and would like to thank you for pointing that out to us. However we do have loads of great videos at and these are free of charge. Hopefully there you will be able to see the true quality of our training content.

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