Texas Holdem Poker In depth Hand Analysis (BTN vs BB Hand #1)

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Texas Holdem Poker In depth Hand Analysis (BTN vs BB Hand #1)

6 thoughts on “Texas Holdem Poker In depth Hand Analysis (BTN vs BB Hand #1)

  1. Yeah! is not painful at all as u think, I really was lost in how to start studying my ranges, my cbettings, check-calls, etc, now I have a nice guide to follow….thx and looking forward to the next vids!!

  2. I think you've made mistakes … the most important thing is that you can not have a bet sizing that changes according to our hand, even if you manage to balance it would not make sense … the bet is determined by the board, the range oppo,from ours and how these hit the board… Example:
    if you bet 3/4 on the flop to take theoretically hands value from which value would you take, … but if you do bluff, dont makes sense because you're risking too much to fold hands that fold to a 1/2 … .
    Another mistake is in not put 55-99 in oppo range ….
    When you say that it is better not cbet with j8,wrong, because there are all pairs of 4 or 5, draw straight call, you makeing fold hands like k8k7 q8 … etc etc …. which is good , although we were before, but you know that because the explanation that by later, towards the end of the confirmation …
    He said many times that check to j8 flop, oppo can take 7 or 9.. you can take the value on the turn … but it is wrong because dont accounts, when it comes down a k or q we check and pay his bet …in case….
    however much I appreciate the work and the effort that you put in … you surely will follow … 🙂
    excuse the English, I had to use a translator … 🙂 🙂

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