Play Your Value Hands Properly | Poker Study Session by Bencb | RYE Poker Tips

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Everyone can play the nuts, but not everyone can play them as good! Study with Bencb to prepare yourself in the best way possible for SCOOP!

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Play Your Value Hands Properly | Poker Study Session by Bencb | RYE Poker Tips

10 thoughts on “Play Your Value Hands Properly | Poker Study Session by Bencb | RYE Poker Tips

  1. I'm a big NFL fan and I heard John Madden say how he was coached by Vince Lombardi for like 8 hours on one play – crazy to see Ben dissect one board for 23 minutes lol.. you're the best, Ben. Cheers!

  2. Your mental speech in each hands review on how to analyze and see the patterns are so valuable

  3. I have watched this till 4 am last night, listened, and already finished on a final table out of 2500 people today, Thank you Benjamin Rolle ❤️❤️
    I will get there more often now and I hope to keep improving 🙏

  4. WOW! "Tilt is a teacher telling you you need to study this spot". Put that on a t-shirt, what a great tagline

  5. Not impossible I stack the guy in the JJ hand, I cb 25% and its not impossible he CR then… Like your style but dont like how you played the JJ

  6. This is one of the best most knowledgable videos I’ve ever seen. Really appreciate the Gto side along with the practicality of how it really plays out vs population. I don’t have pio or any solver so I really like how you show the theoretical point but with a way to use it. I’m fairly novice in the “gto solver” world but these type of videos and knowledgable people teaching this way is priceless. I’d luv more of these and all the content provided. Really appreciate this for real. Ik there’s a lot of others who it’s not that they don’t want to learn deeper but sometimes life has other ways your money has to be spent. Thanks a lot bro.

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