8 thoughts on “Craps feed the 6$8 & cold table craps strategy

  1. Thanks Larry, two very different strategies that compliment each other well. This time the cold table carried the feed 6/8, but on a long roll the feed 6/8 would carry the cold table and on average rolls it is possible both strategies could do well. If I ever play two different strategies together, I keep two seperate stacks of chips in my rack and tell the dealers that one of the stacks and strategies is for a friend. Also that way you can keep track of how each strategy is doing. Cheers

  2. i like this strategy the best . Going to Vegas in a few weeks and I will use this at the start to see how the tables running

  3. Like the strategy. Just one thing if your pass bet moves to your place bet you should use the place bet as your odds. You make more money if the number is rolled again.

  4. Been testing out your Cold Table strategy, with a slight modification. Start with a $15 DP, establish a point. Instead of using the $15 for a Come Bet, use $5. If a 7 or 11 rolls, you get paid less on the Come, but you also lose less with a 2, 3 and 12 (Hedge a $1 Any Craps if it bugs you that much). When the Come goes up to its number, add 2x odds ($10). If the established come hits, base come bet gets paid $5 and the $10 odds pay more than 1:1 ($10 pays $12 on 6/8; $15 on 4/5; and $20 on 4/10). So instead of winning $15 for your $15 Come, you are winning $17, $20, or $25. Rack the profits or use it for that hand. Found this base also works well with base bets in increments of $15 (15, 30, 45. 60, 75, etc). What makes this strategy fantastic, in my opinion, is the "built-in" bankroll management. Once 4 units for the shooter are up and out of hand, you must be patient for a Come hit for more to play with. Looking forward to using this on the real deal! Keep up the great content!!

  5. I feel like I am playing roulette..😂. Great strategies to work together, way to think outside the box.

  6. How about place the 6 & 8, feed the outside numbers and place odds on the come bets?

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