poker tournament strategy part 3.wmv

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How to beat small stakes multi table tournaments In the 3rd part of this 5 part video series PokerGuru Pro Martin ‘a1ias’ Olsson further elaborates on Poker Strategy in small stakes sit n go tournaments and play in the middle stages and near the bubble.

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poker tournament strategy part 3.wmv

2 thoughts on “poker tournament strategy part 3.wmv

  1. running hot like the sun is the best, isn't it?…lol. great game! really enjoyed it. my sit & go game has really opened up from all the knowledge i have gained from videos, forums, etc. thanks for posting.

  2. so bad play, only lucky…..You all in pre flop A3 22 if you get a call you will be behind just like A9 vs A3 you show too much, you RISK all your chips on bad hands. better to raise or fold.
    But good video:-)

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