Blackjack strategy to mostly come out in profit | Roobet PT 2/2

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Second part where i explain more of the strategy and how to ride it out to possibly come out in profits every single day depending on your luck that day if this was interesting i can make another fully dedicated video on the whole process and mindset i play with , basically what tables i sit on , when i sit on them , when i walk away and so on and so forth!

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Unfortunately this is not a car vlog or anything to do with cars, the e46 m3 has been out for a minute now she needs a diff and cant source one so in the meantime enjoy some gambling!

hope you guys enjoyed this one and would like to see more like it let me know down below ill upload more gambling videos after the part 2!

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Blackjack strategy to mostly come out in profit | Roobet PT 2/2

7 thoughts on “Blackjack strategy to mostly come out in profit | Roobet PT 2/2

  1. 90% of my gambling is on BJ, in general there is no strategy except I try play smart, not chase my losses. But I try to have side bets to be 20% of main bet, because after loosing couple of times, you need a huge side bet or 4 times winning hands to compensate the loosing hands. At the end I rarely cash out any winnings

  2. I think it's all about sitting at the right seat with the right shoe, otherwise the casino has a much greater advantage then you. You might have a whole shoe without a single side bet win or you sometimes hit multiple side bet wins like 3 of kind or straight flush.

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