The Most Profitable Poker Strategy That Nobody Uses

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This is easily the most profitable poker strategy these days and hardly anyone uses it. In today’s video I walk you through it step by step.

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The Most Profitable Poker Strategy That Nobody Uses

10 thoughts on “The Most Profitable Poker Strategy That Nobody Uses

  1. Do you use this poker strategy? Also, here is the ADVANCED way to play your draws like the pros:

  2. I really miss your old format of videos, there was real value in those (I thumbed up everyone of those, I don't think I've thumbed up any since). The videos you release these days just seem generic with the same thumbnail used over and over again and the videos seem to be aimed at pumping out quantity rather than quality. I know when you changed your format, you immediately got the most views on that video and you've been chasing that ever since, but, it wasn't because of the format, it was because you put your face in front of the camera (you y beast). I bet you'd do way better if you gave us the best of both worlds.

  3. I find all your videos to be extremely helpful…. just getting back into playing live $1-$2 and have a problem with Bet sizing and so on…. the player pool is very soft and I'm getting my feet wet splashing around to get the gage on players some see it as throwing money out but it's their money anyways and I like the info

  4. If it’s a true there anytime you would just want to call the 10.00 bet, see the flop and proceed cautiously? If they call the reraise of 30.00 they most likely have ACES POSSIBLY KINGS…If they reraise, would you fold your Queens there? Thanks awesome videos

  5. As a business owner and marketer poker instinctively feels like running a business to me so I treat it as such, then I see this video, confirms my long assumed notion
    Thanks man!

  6. I do dat end the fish col end the system gives as or trips end ay lose 8 an 10 play.

  7. Here's something I'd like to addressed- bet sizing with premium hands at a table where you just sat down and it's filled with complete strangers. It usually takes 2 or 3 orbits in that situation before you can confidently label someone as tight, aggressive, a fish or whatever.

  8. Unless ranges are manually overwritten, GTO means "against GTO" and works "against GTO", not against low stakes players.

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