The UNLUCKIEST poker game EVER! Busted in 4 sick hands!

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At the Premier League Poker event, Yevgeniy Timoshenko, at the time one of the world’s top players, played just 4 hands. I’m sure didn’t forget those!

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The UNLUCKIEST poker game EVER! Busted in 4 sick hands!

10 thoughts on “The UNLUCKIEST poker game EVER! Busted in 4 sick hands!

  1. A lot of players would quit poker after that one….until they watched the video and see they played pretty much perfectly.

  2. I always wonder whats the difference between me and them … well, this video pretty much explains it 😀

  3. I loveING CRINGE at that first hand how they suck his dick.. He is an guy for betting river and even the 10% times you do bet, its AUTOMATIC fold when he re raises…. loveIN A TBT POKER VIDEO FOR SUUUURREEEEEEE

  4. Unluckiest? Idk about that… And wow what a tough spot. Call a shove with Ace high or fold. How did he manage to lay it down? These commentators are complete garbage

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