Tips on mindset and performance in poker – Adam Carmichael (Runchuks Podcast)

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Tips on mindset and performance in poker – Adam Carmichael (Runchuks Podcast)

We discuss a wide range of topics focused on the mental game of poker, achieving peak performance, optimizing your mindset, and achieving success in poker and in life. Adam is a mindset and performance coach, make sure to check out his YouTube channel:

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00:00:00 Intro
00:01:30 Overcoming 2020
00:07:48 Variance and probabilities
00:19:27 Emotional vs Rational conversation
00:30:47 Emotions
00:39:48 Small trigger, huge tilt
00:41:59 Labeling the emotions
00:43:16 Zoom out to solve problems
00:47:38 Graph building business
00:54:21 How to stop checking your graph
01:05:47 Rewards
01:18:28 Days off
01:24:53 Flotation tank
01:27:52 When poker is your life
01:32:51 Value of time
01:38:41 I wish I worked more. Really?
01:42:24 Poker gives me freedom
01:47:28 There’s always a way
01:52:05 Long-term thinking

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Tips on mindset and performance in poker – Adam Carmichael (Runchuks Podcast)

10 thoughts on “Tips on mindset and performance in poker – Adam Carmichael (Runchuks Podcast)

  1. I dont comment very often but have to say that was a great podcast. most useful , #1 Graph building business the whole convo about checking graphs was fasinating, and #2 Zooming out, Really Good Job !

  2. The podcast is also available on:
    Apple Podcasts –
    Spotify –

    And check out Adam's YouTube channel. He posts lots of great stuff:

  3. Very good idea on using filters in the database, to not check the graph by mistake.
    Just set up my filters to only show when hero flops a Royal Flush 😀

    "We're not in a graph building business, we're in the money making business"

  4. I never comment on YT basically but this was trully top notch podcast about topics that are rarely discussed in the poker world and I felt obligation to give you your due. Had some chillz hearing you guys discussing plenty of stuff I went through in last couple of years, was refreshing to hear it all very well rounded. Think we need more convos like this as a community – people are scared of talking about their negative experiences since there's that big stigma of being vulnerable = being weak (granted – it's not a thing just in poker).

    Fwiw, for all the aspiring low-midstakes guys that are trying to push the limits – just wanted to say that this is comming from an grinder that was deep in his own bubble of going towards highstakes and punted on the other real life stuff and volla – chase wasn't worth the catch (among many other issues that came with it). Take breaks, take vacations, talk and listen to people, maintain and build new relationships. Laugh. There's much more to life than EV.

  5. I had to laugh when you talked about the gap between the yellow and green lines, reminded me of a recent session I was a few buyins under ev, then towards the end of the session I actually got annoyed at winning a flip or two , because I was no longer as far under ev as earlier, but was still down (in ev and real $). I was in that garbage mentality of just wanting to be able to point to the graph and say look how unlucky i am

  6. Excel podcast. Need to listen twice with pen and paper in hand. Lots of great advices. Thank you Runchuks and Adam for great and valuable information and great conversation 🙂

  7. Did you send notes on this episode to our emails?

    I did not see any on this episode or the AI episode.

    You are doing a great job.

  8. I have to say, that this is by far my favourite poker related podcast i have ever listened to. Thank you !

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