Top 3 BIGGEST MISTAKES By Poker Tournament Beginners

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Nick Petrangelo is back to talk about some of the common pitfalls that amateur players run into when playing MTTs. This is part 2 of a series where Nick walks you through the strategic concepts that he uses to crush high stakes poker tournaments. Nick is one of the top nosebleeds players in the game, with over $17 million in earnings and 2 WSOP bracelets.

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Top 3 BIGGEST MISTAKES By Poker Tournament Beginners

10 thoughts on “Top 3 BIGGEST MISTAKES By Poker Tournament Beginners

  1. I wanted to watch this cause I’ve been playing for a while now and never watched any tip videos and thankfully I knew all of this and I won a $1 180 man tournament yesterday and planning on doing this full time 🤙 great tips still

  2. A Feeding Hills boy ,along with my son Andrew Dean. Nick has far exceeded all expectations, keep it going Nick

  3. Biggest mistake is shoving AK whenever you have it. AK is behind to any pair and only a slight favorite against hands like 10 9 suited. AK is a good starting hand but that’s it. It’s still only ace high. People play it like it’s aces and get thumped every time.

  4. Tks for all the advice PK its improved my game to where I am actually running a profit this year…

  5. These tips are absolute garbage. Here’s some real tips
    1. Don’t shove AK unless someone else shoved and you’re in late position. If you shove with AK and have 3 other people call, you’re probably dead to a pair.
    2. Don’t play small pair in early position. I’m folding 22-44 every single time. Every card that comes up will be an over card and unless you flop trips (unlikely) you’re folding after the flop.
    3. Shove good hands in late position. If you have a pair, even small and the table folds to you in the hijack, shove, take down the blinds and antes, you’ll normally get folds from the sb and bb.
    4. Don’t bluff with nothing. Don’t take 2 7 and think you can bluff the pot down. With 8 other people at a table, someone will call and have you beat. Turn good hands into bluffs, if you have an open ender, flush draw or over cards, you’re better off betting that for a chance to win even if you get called.

    You’re welcome

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