Tournament Poker Tips: Could You Fold A Full House for your Tournament Life?

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Dominik sent me a sick hand he played deep in a tournament. He’s value betting the river only to get a major action behind him. What started out as a hope to get value, quickly turned into a question of whether or not his hand was good. Even if you feel like you’re beat, could you really fold a full house for your tournament life? What do you think about his tournament poker strategy? Would you fold a full house? Your poker anlyses?

We are openning one more poker discussion. Check out this hand and let me know your thoughts in a comment below.

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Tournament Poker Tips: Could You Fold A Full House for your Tournament Life?

10 thoughts on “Tournament Poker Tips: Could You Fold A Full House for your Tournament Life?

  1. lol with the "gotta call with the top of our range". I have folded the almost-nuts several times and been right nearly every time. This is called exploitation. The read is he's a meh reg and if so he has no bluffs here. You are folding to exploit him so obviously you are going to be exploitable because you are always exploitable when you are exploiting.

  2. I completely disagree with 75% of the people in here with him not having AJ or 99. When we check (we're checking here all the time) and the UTG checks, the BTN can guess he is ahead of the UTGs range and whether or not he is right or not, since we always check here, UTG normally never checks a hand he has for value multi-way. I sometimes would bet with 88-TT here also, I want to take down this pot as soon as possible or find out where my hand is, because there is a ton of draws that are on the flop. -EV or not, everyone is discounting the times he MAY have 99.

    When the turn comes the J and we check again, either we have nothing or something. UTG checks AGAIN, which is super weird. He cant have much here, or if hes slow playing AK (which he is dead almost) this is an awful line to take overall and then the BTN checks. Can the BTN check 99 after trying to take it down post flop, or have AJ because idt we or UTG ever have AA or JJ here either, so why cant we check here to hopefully get someone to improve so they can check/call the river. I think J9 is more unlikely then 99 or AJ at this point, because a J should bet the turn and get value from an A if either of us have it.

    River is a 9, and we lead. Which we should I mean, our hand is safe here right? Then UTG calls, which we are guaranteed to have him beat. The BTN shoves. "WTF MAN?!?!" is going through our heads. "How can Fours full not be good here?!?!" is what everyone else is thinking too, except for some! How many bluffs does he button have here I mean, UTG clearly has a piece of this, we never lead here with any bluffs OOP and if we raise we lose a good portion of our stack, and the BTN knows he can get value from a J making this move here. I think he has three hands here. KQ of spades exactly, AJ (and its combos) or 99 (and its combos).

    Of the hands he can be bluffing with versus the hands we don't beat, there isn't enough hands we don't beat here to make this call. Regardless if you drain 40% of your stack, thats a reason to call off all your chips to see you're beat and leave the tournament? Thats the difference between the average and good players, you can't just jam your chips all over the place with good hands because of the THINKING PROCESS YOU USED TO GET THERE.

    The problem is, too many people think "Well if I was this guy I would…." Guess what, you aren't the BTN, and your logic may not be his. This is a phenomenal fold, but a good one I think for sure.

  3. You can't win tourney's playing this passively then folding. Consider 3betting preflop, flop, turn. Then you don't have this cooler on the river. If he has AJ or 9's play the next one.

  4. I agree. the only little caveat here is that from the button standpoint, you and the UTG showed a lot of weakness during the hand which could make the button perceive your lead on the river as a bluff. If you bet the turn or raised the flop then you're totally right and the button likely has a monster. Your trap play is totally undetected here. Remember that the button would almost never put you on pocket pairs (remember you're the BB). And he might be one of those who tends to over play a good position. Having said that, your fold is still valid IMO.

  5. It seems like a strange place To bet at The end. If anything, hero should have made The bet on The turn. I would put hero on a busted straight or flush draw with that river bet. I feel That's The reason UTG called, thinking his Ax is good. Then BTN jams The river. Button likely had Jx or better. The "or better" knocks hero out of The tourney. My first instinct was fold b/c this is tourney And we can always find a better Spot. I would typically bet The flop And opt of pot control. OOP makes It a tough play. I will say this, It takes a certain type of player To lay down a boat. I hate doing It, but there Are times you have To go with your intuition.

  6. Good pro fold, it is almost impossible for the button to be bluff shoving here, he would have to be on some sick level to be this creative

  7. I see J9 on the button all day here. Explains everything perfectly. AJ otb may bet the flop but there are so few combos of that out there, it this is a cooler/setup. If the pfr raiser checks, I can't see AJ leading otb. What's calling?

  8. Very good analysis. I don't know if I could have laid down the hand but realistically you're probably right. The only hand that makes sense is a bigger flush. AJ, AA, J9, or maybe even a pair of nines (all the checking allowed the button to get there.) My guess would be he had AJ.

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