Poker Strategy: How To Play A Straight Out Of Position

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In this hand we flop a weak straight draw out of position and turn a straight. How should we play it?

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Poker Strategy: How To Play A Straight Out Of Position

10 thoughts on “Poker Strategy: How To Play A Straight Out Of Position

  1. Bart, thank you for this great video. I think it illustrates several classic mistakes that 1/2 players make, and you offered some great analysis. I will share this with a couple friends who are trying to improve their 1/2 games.

  2. BTN straddle is a weird game, since it puts the players in the normal blinds at an even bigger disadvantage, than they normally are, since now they have to act first even preflop. In general you should play very tight from the SB and even more so, when this BTN straddle is on.

    On the flop I agree with Bert, that we need to play this draw very passively. We only have 3 clean outs to the nuts and 5 players left to act after us, so the flop is a very clear check and then decide what to do, when the action gets back to you.

  3. So annoying. Not the way the hand is played, that was fine. But all the hemming and hawing about what he should do when he hits the virtual nuts on the turn annoyed me.

  4. Hey Jason…I live in Louisville and the boat (horseshoe southern Indiana for those who dont know) is obviously my home casino. I lived in Las Vegas for 2 years and just moved back last summer. I have only played a few sessions since I moved back because I work a normal job and have 2 kids. I played a ton of poker out in Vegas.
    I was a winning player there, but not completely crushing or anything like that. My point is that my win rate at the boat is so much higher. The games here have so many more weak spots and most tables only have 1,2, maybe 3 competent players and there’s usually a mutual understanding that players like us don’t need to lock horns too often and we are there to take advantage of the many leaks that most players there have. I thought you might find it interesting that my best 1/2 sessions and the best games I’ve ever sat in were at the boat…ever after having lived in Vegas for 2 years playing at least 1 long session per week. We are actually lucky to have the games that we have at the boat. I didnt know if you had any basis for comparison and I thought this would interest you. Sorry for the lengthy message. My name is Bill. You can respond on here and maybe we can sit in the same game at the boat one day in the near future. Take it easy man. If you want my number to text, let me know. It would be cool to have a like-minded player close by to discuss hands and strategy with. Later man

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