How To Play & Win Jacks or Better Video Poker – Part 2

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Part 2 of the tutorial on playing jacks or better video poker. Here we play actual dealt hands and apply the video poker strategy that we learnt in part 1. A couple of advanced plays pop up which will come in handy for an even better video poker strategy.

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How To Play & Win Jacks or Better Video Poker – Part 2

10 thoughts on “How To Play & Win Jacks or Better Video Poker – Part 2

  1. Thanks for your reply I love video poker but didn't do well on Jack's or better. I prefer deuces wild. What's your opinion and also on a Q A 7 6 J not suited why hold the Q and J only. For a possible straight are a pair of A no good. I hope I dont sound stupid thanks. By the way I pick the same as you 99.9 %. I'm learning but usually come out ahead. Thanks again

  2. At 2:20you held the q and the j over the ace. That was smart and I get why now (for straight chances^%)

  3. At 3:35 you had 3 to a straight flush but kept the low pair instead. Is it only on a 3 to a Royal where you dismiss the low pair ?

  4. My biggest headache is how to deal with a suited King-Ten combo. Playing 3 line Super Times Pay Poker (JOB).
    Hand #1 I was dealt 5 clubs, 10 spades, 6 spades, k spades, 4 clubs. I held the King-Ten combo but the computer program
    said to only keep the King. Hand #2 was k spades, 2 diamonds, 9 hearts, 10 spades, 3 clubs. This time I did hold just
    the King and now the program tells me I should have held the King-Ten. What am I missing here?

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