Video Poker Genius [Part 4] – Double Double Bonus Poker

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Welcome to Video Poker Genius! This is part 4 of a series of videos designed to help you become a better video poker player.

In this part, I play 150 practice hands of 9/6 Double Double Bonus with live commentary. Double Double Bonus is considered to be one of the most popular video poker variants with a potential for large 4-of-a-kind wins!

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Video Poker Genius [Part 4] – Double Double Bonus Poker

10 thoughts on “Video Poker Genius [Part 4] – Double Double Bonus Poker

  1. Great video as always Mike ! I've been waiting
    For double double to
    Come out. I def agree I would say 75 percent of the people I see are playing this game with the other twenty five going to deuces. I prefer this to all games but that's just
    Me and I appreciate the honesty of going through the training even with minor error. I still make many mistakes whether due to sleepiness or a couple of drinks or going to fast etc and they can really eat at the EV of the game so practice can be really important !Keep it up Mike thanks again

  2. I don't agree with this genius players strategy. He keeps two pairs consisting of a highcard pair, when the payout is the same as having a pair of jacks and better. The correct strategy would be keeping the highcard pair hoping to draw three of a kind to a greater payout. Also you never keep a King and Jack of different suits unless drawing for a straight, the correct strategy is to hold only the king. If it was a queen and Jack, you would hold both, hoping for jacks or better. 23:02 Also holding a King and 10 of same suit, hoping for a royal, is better strategy than three to a flush, if third card consists of low number, due to better odds of getting a pair of kings at the draw.

  3. when you have junk hand with 10 of any suit you always hold the 10 alone. i have hit a couple royals doing that. so you never throw away any part of the royal.

  4. actually another mistake. Holding 2 facecards of different suits is stupid. i never do that either. i will usually hold card to the left EXCEPT if it is an Ace of course. Holding 2 face card of different suits takes away 1 spot that you can have a 3 or 4 of a kind or the royal. So another thing i cringe about when people do that.

  5. where can I get the training video your playing on? Is this online or software and is it free?

  6. It would be helpful if you were to recap the differences in strategy with each each video! Thanks, loving the videos overall

  7. In all video poker it's an opportunity based marathon sticking to some of it's baseline strategy causes bankroll loss faster. For instance just holding the ace is better when it's like A-7-3-8-9 but since the odds of runner aces happen like one in 5 thousand so it's often better to default and hold the A and j-q k etc.. Just go for break even and get more opportunities that's all video poker is in every game. Even ducks wild on flops where you have nothing it's better to hold 3 to a flush sometimes because it's more implied to hit then blanking out on average again sometimes.. Over the long hual is all these pc programs predict,but as a video poker player long term means nothing it's all short term wins and any strategy that gives you a chance to break even or plus on that hand is better even at lower odds long term for luck the rest is easy. My best strategy involves bonus deluxe as the core because all pairs that turn into quads pay
    400 at 1/423 odds or something 2 pair breaks even so you float.. This means 12 x spins deluxe then go back to other games with specific known odds,like Joker poker at 1/100 for quads,then ddbbl bonus for the boat more great odds paying 50 then 9/6 for 2 pair hopes at a plus and rotate. Double bonus has huge implied odds for 4 aces at a huge long shot and the kicker nearly one in 16k!! The higher nice hands like 2222 pays 400 with extreme lower odds than deluxe which gives you the full deck of pairs for quads at 400 same pay. Double bonus is a bad game overall and bonus poker is nice simple because of those 2 pair runs that give you a positive. Run enough hands through predict where your at and go back to Deluxe for a 100 hand final and surely quads will appear when your bankroll loss is even or at a minimal loss your welcome 🙂

  8. Why would you hold k104 suited and not 4 to a flush? k-10-4 has no huge potential it gives 2 more cards to break even and the flush could still occur,bu tin my book I go for any flush on weak boards why not weird?

  9. Hi

    At 8:49, you had a 7 A 4 8 J. You chose to hold the A and not the A J. Why?

  10. If you have any questions on video poker or want to know a few ways to practice at home, watch the following video and ask away in the comment section:

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