What Pro Poker Players Don’t Want You To Know | Podcast with Patrick Leonard and Bencb

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This video will impact the way you approach and study poker! Bencb and Patrick Leonard talk on the Raise Your Edge podcast about the things Pro Poker Players do not want you to know!

00:00 – Intro
00:58 – How was Patrick’s 2020 series?
08:06 – Discussing dealing in poker tournaments
15:38 – What would Patrick and Ben recommend new players to study?
22:15 – Future game
26:43 – Fancy poker moves vs. understanding/applying the basics
34:10 – 6+ format discussion
37:55 – ICM and importance of volume
39:26 – Removing negativity
43:12 – Ben’s experience with ego during his soccer career
48:45 – Egos in poker
50:18 – Being unhealthily compulsive with your craft
58:08 – Don’t let success destroy you
1:01:37 – Is the coronavirus poker boom already dying?
1:13:56 – Player consultancy
1:15:04 – Poker communities/groups having their own agendas
1:17:54 – Importance of having a leader/organization to influence change
1:22:04 – Poker union and striking
1:25:32 – Ben summing up the discussion of unionizing and poker communities
1:29:23 – Understanding both sides
1:31:17 – How would Patrick go about forming a poker union?
1:36:20 – Outro

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What Pro Poker Players Don’t Want You To Know | Podcast with Patrick Leonard and Bencb

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  1. He is talking about ICM but I thought PIO does ICM as well. I've never used it for tournaments but I've watched how to videos on it.

  2. such a master piece i will see it aain before the series now that i own the both courses can really understand better your mental thoughts

  3. Talking about basics,i was lacking on my preflop range game and after i got the free ranges from RYE i got in 4 final tables 4 days in a row and cashed a pretty good amount of money, thanks Ben!

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