Would You Tip if You Won $5.1 MILLION in a Poker Tournament?!

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In the latest episode “So That Happened,” Sasha Salinger of PokerNews breaks down all the latest scandals and gossip in the poker world, First up, poker player Sam Grafton publicly shames Ramon Colillas for allegedly not tipping after winning the $25K PokerStars Players’ Championship for $5.1 million. Colillas won a Platinum Pass, which included free entry in to the tournament as well as $5K in travel and accommodations. If you won a free entry in to a poker tournament and won $5 million, would you tip?
Next up was the uproar over poker player Daniel Negreanu’s tweet. He described the top 5 worst qualities a poker player can have and the poker world was not happy about it. Dara O’Kearney wrote an entire blog post about Daniel’s tweet and included a photo of Daniel Negreanu in blackface. WHAT?! Watch to see how Daniel Negreanu responded.

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Would You Tip if You Won $5.1 MILLION in a Poker Tournament?!

10 thoughts on “Would You Tip if You Won $5.1 MILLION in a Poker Tournament?!

  1. Tipping is to the discretion of the player and should be in all aspects of society. Pokerstars already took off 2% of the buy-in for staff fees. It is simply not my job to pay for a service and/or item and also pay your salary. That is the job of your employer! So instead of trashing a guy for not tipping (Staff already got 2% of the prizepool) maybe start trashing stars/casinos for not paying their dealers a livable wage.

  2. It doesn't matter that he did or didn't tip. F that guy for winning 5.1 mil. Overt hate on deck. I don't care. F him! F his picture.

  3. The Title should say:
    Poker Stars hands out 25k entries like candy, but can’t pay the dealers a decent wage!

    If I were the current winner I would seek legal action against PokerStars for leaking this private info! And against pokernews for defamation, possibly damaging his future earning!

    Here’s a TIP, Mind your own F’n business and stop shaming!

  4. This video is a dumpster fire from the get go and should be removed for how poorly executed and unnecessary it is. Embarrassing for Poker News.

  5. I say no in a tournament where you will have multiple dealers, because say a guy has been dealing with you for hours then you go on a break and come back to a new dealer and a little time later you win the tournament is it fair to tip him and not the other dealers? Cash games I say tip.

  6. in some countries you will offend people by trying to tip. just pay your staff and stop shaming people for not giving away money.

  7. Lol at this clown thinking live mitt earnings mean a ton as far as playing professionally….

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