$6000 V.S. BlackJack, Roulette, And Crazy Time!!!

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Todays Session: 6k vs these tables games. First off no more sweet bonanza candy land! or should we try again tomorrow??

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Please remember to gamble responsibly. Gambling is not a way to make money. Play with what you can afford and do not go over your budget. Have fun, enjoy your wins, and learn from your losses!

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$6000 V.S. BlackJack, Roulette, And Crazy Time!!!

10 thoughts on “$6000 V.S. BlackJack, Roulette, And Crazy Time!!!

  1. An even session is always a good session keep it comming Dante πŸ™‚

  2. I told u if u deposited yesterdays 50k win the casinos would take it back & be greedy with it. Im happy atleast you listened this time

  3. its cool watching u win money but i genuinely believe u have a addiction problem and i could easily ruin the million dollars youve won on these videos

  4. Never Bananza again. The host told yesterday that Crazy Time is the best game with the most wins

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