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For nearly twenty years, the World Poker Tour has been an established and respected entity in the poker world. While poker tournaments continue to draw players, few have been able to replicate the prestige and history preserved by those hosted by the WPT. Poker players from all over the world consistently gather to compete for not just millions of dollars, but to add their names amongst some of the game’s best.

The longevity of long established professional poker players like Erik Seidel and Doyle Brunson shows there is much to learn from poker’s veterans. While the list of players deemed “the best in the world” changes constantly, the Daniel Negreanu’s and Phil Ivey’s of the world demonstrate how dedication to the game of poker can preserve relevancy. Today, I look back at some old school poker hands from tapings of the World Poker Tour. Being a two-time World Poker Tour champion myself, there is a good chance you see me in some of the footage!

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7 thoughts on “World Poker Tour – OLD SCHOOL POKER HANDS

  1. Was hoping to see a “breakdown” of last night’s crazy stupid epic live stream from Hustler. NL200 with some 400 straddles and even some double and triple straddles, $50k heads up dark shoves, Alexandra Botez’ epic run-up of almost a million, and the instant classic where Hellmuth open jammed pre with A8 off… in a feeble attempt to iso against “MrBeast” (the biggest YouTube streamer in the world)… who was in for almost any amount in almost any situation with any 2 cards last night, and got called by like 3 other players for an epic 4-way all in preflop pot of almost $300K, which Phil lost and Botez won again as part of her run-up. Last night’s game was like the game from the movie One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest only for nosebleeed stakes 🤣 For the 4-way all in hand I mentioned, check the replay of the stream starting at the 2:27:55 mark

  2. I laughed when you said good luck all in is like saying I hope you lose to the other person. And then you said would you say I hope you lose. Well I just the other day I had someone say that to me because we were at final table I would not chop 9 way then 8 and so on. So this guy's said hope you lose since you won't chop. I laughed and said I just raised the chop value for you so pay me extra to chop. I was short stack as well and they paid me. I won the all in.

  3. Thanxxxx Jonathan. Keep it coming. Great stuff. May be seeing you and Larry in July at Bally's. Hope that you are feeling better soon.

  4. When ppl go all in I say good luck someone with cards. I feel the same about thr hood luck for certain players

  5. John, I have a hand that I played yesterday in a 1-3 game to analyze if you have some spare time.

    I have about 65 big blinds and I'm on the button with pocket Kings ♠️♣️
    it limps around to me and I raise to $15. small blind calls, big blind folds and then under the gun 3 bets to 45. it folds back to me and I call and so does the small blind.
    flop is Q, 9, 6 all♠️ small blind checks and utg bets 50, I think about what I'm up against, maybe AQ suited, Qs. a flush? I don't want to just call letting the small blind come along. I jam. it's about 95 more for the Utg when the small blind folds. He doesn't snap call. he tanks for a minute or two and then calls. he has pocket Aces ♣️♦️. Aces hold. should I have found a fold? should I have raised more preflop? I need some help. Thanks John!

  6. Did anyone see that Hustler stream where Alex Botez took about $500K, and Hellmuth was steaming as usual, and Dwan was just chillin’ as the young professional streamers (poker donks) made crazy play after crazy play?

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