Betting on Voisins,Tiers, Orphelins and Neighbours using Roulette Key Gold at W H Penny Roulette

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Playing Racetrack Betting on Tiers and Voisins using RouletteteKeyGold at Wiliam Hill Penny Roulette.

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and fill in the form under the download tab.

In my previous videos I’ve shown how it’s possible to use Penny Roulette and make a profit see and although I don’t make any guarantees I endeavour to show how you can win more or lose less using my program Roulette Key Gold.

Have you ever wondered how to use the Racetrack Bets in Roulette ?
Well I have!!
I’ve been selling my tracking program RouletteKeyGold for over 5 years now and to be honest I’d never bothered with them
But while working on a new technique I wondered why not?
The bets only take one click and are easy to place.
So I’ve added them to RouletteKeyGold.
To use them I suggest placing your working copy of RouletteKeyGold in a folder and only using that folder for a specific casino. Youy can use as many folders as you like but only one computer.
For this example I’ve used William Hill Penny Roulette. (not that I recommend any particular casinos)
Now every time I play a session the maximum number of ‘misses’ for each of these bets is recorded and displayed in red.
Whenever the current count in Black is near the maximum count in Red I place a bet.

This video also features betting on 12 neighbours, the hidden even chance bet and the secret dozen bet.
The last two bets occur in every session of Roulette and providing one is sensible and has enough capital they always win. I usually stop after a win on the ‘secret dozen’ which takes up to an hour or so on a live casino or up to 8 minutes on an RNG casino as used here.

Although I’ve played here at an RNG casino I’ve used it purely for the speed of play My program Roulette Key Gold is best played on live French Roulette preferably with ‘La Partage’.
However, I realise not everyone has access to such games so in this case I suggest single zero tables preferably with a ‘Racetrack’

There are many roulette counters available most keep track of simple even chances, dozens etc but RouletteKeyGold goes a step further in addition to the normal 6 even chances it counts more than 50. I don’t recommend any specific casinos (I automatically distrust anyone that does!)

This is not a game for Widows and Orphans my only guarantee is that the “Longer you play the more likely you are to lose.” Just because I often win around a pound/dollar/Euro a minute or more doesn’t mean you can earn 60 an hour no matter what various sellers of systems may claim.

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Betting on Voisins,Tiers, Orphelins and Neighbours using Roulette Key Gold at W H Penny Roulette