Black Panther Funko Pop Chase Roulette! How Many Can I Get?

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Black Panther Funko Pop Chase Roulette! How Many Can I Get? I finally got in an order of Black Panther Funko Pops I ordered LONG ago. Lets Play Chase Roulette!
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Black Panther Funko Pop Chase Roulette! How Many Can I Get?

10 thoughts on “Black Panther Funko Pop Chase Roulette! How Many Can I Get?

  1. To say, "it's probably going to show up damaged" at 15:35 is crazy. They have the Mint Condition Guarantee, and if you had issues, you should have contacted them. I have ordered multiple exclusives from them and had no problems. Way to slander a company for no real reason. solid job.

  2. I only do chase roulette with the sodas and I do battle video's with my oldest daughter with them for youtube. Looks like they just sent you the box from funko. Thanks for sharing. Please stay safe and keep collecting.🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿😷😁👍.

  3. I’ve been staring at that DEMON SLAYER shirt all vid long 😂
    Would love to see Doc do a video on DS❤️

  4. Pulled a black panther chase out of my poptopia mystery today. I will continue to order from them because they always arrive in protectors and speedily

  5. They might not pack well but they have a mint box guarantee. But they take fooorrrrrever to ship out pre-orders. Everytine i pre-order mine gets to me 1 or 2 months after I see them in stores. The wait time is why I don't buy from them anymore. BTW I seen you peak at around 5:50 haha

  6. Chalice collectibles was selling it for a while not to long ago the chase and the common bundle.

  7. I also stay away from there but because of their shipping rates lol i see it rise every funko pop added 😂😂same with chalice

  8. I think they’ll follow the comics and make zhuri the black panther. I wouldn’t mind seeing it.😎😎

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