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For this live Roulette game at Bally’s in Las Vegas, I decided to play a quick game to see how I do. My son had given me $1 to try to win with. From buy-in to color-up, I hit EVERY NUMBER and tripled my money!
Even though the bet I made for my son didn’t win, I still paid him like he had.

While some people may think my playing strategy is dumb, the truth is that my bankroll last longer than average, and I cash out a winner more often than not. This is evidenced by the fact that I bought-in with $40, played a while, and cashed out with the same amount I started with!
Although my way of playing may not make me tons of money in winnings and is sometimes harder to recover from when I lose a hand, it’s still a statistically BETTER way of playing this game and lets me play longer. Is it a GUARANTEED way to win? NOPE! But, it is A LOT of fun!

Here’s how I play roulette:
As we know, the play field is divided up into three sections; 1-12, 13-24, and 25-36. Taking this into account, I take a look at the board to see how the wheel is trending. I will then place my first bets on the 2/3 of the field that the numbers are mostly coming from.
It’s important to note that when I’m placing my bets on 2/3 of the field, I do it equally on each 1/3 I’m playing. For example: If I’m betting on the first 2/3 of the field (1-24), I will start out with 3-4 chips on the outside (6-lines or streets) of each 1/3. So the 1-12 section has 3-4 chips and the 13-24 section also has 3-4 chips. Either way, each section has the same number of chips in the same pattern.
If the number hits in any of the 2/3 I’m betting on, I’m a winner and I’ll move to the inside and place bets on corners, equally spaced with equal number of chips in each 1/3. Placing 4 chips equally spaced on the corners allows me to cover ALL the numbers in that section. (see the video for how I do it.)
This betting method always produces a small or large profit when a number hits for me. It NEVER pays less than my bet or break even.
The reason I bet this way (2/3 of the field) is because I have a 2:3 chance of winning something or breaking even. If I bet equal money on ALL 3 sections of the field, I’d just be spinning my wheels. If I bet on just 1/3 of the field, the odds are even MORE against me. Thus the reason why I play 2/3 of the field.
If I continue to win, I will gradually increase my bets either by adding the 6-lines or streets to my inside bets, OR by pressing the corners bets. I will gradually increase my bets until a number hits in the section I’m NOT betting on. Then I start over from the beginning with small outside bets as stated above.
If all of the above is confusing, just watch my roulette videos and you can see my method in action (mostly).

Again, is this a fool-proof way to win at roulette? NOPE! There’s no such thing. BUT, it does allow me to play longer and gives me a better chance at winning than randomly placing my chips on the layout.

However, the BEST bit of advice to my method is this…. when you are winning, knowing when to color up and walk away makes all the difference.

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EVERY NUMBER A WINNER! – Live Roulette Game #20 – Bally’s, Las Vegas, NV – Inside the Casino

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  4. Just did played roulette for the first time ever tonight, turned 100 into 200 🙂

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