10 thoughts on “How To Always Win on Roulette

  1. Anybody telling you how to win roulette are trying to scam or completely delusional be careful guys.

  2. I got a 86% win ratio on roulette..called 2 Texas stars…one unit on 1,3,5,7,9 and 19,21,23,25 27. 0 and 00 then put 12 units on blk to hedge bet…6 numbers will miss and its a grind but have a set number and hit and run the table

  3. This is funny..I don't know what he was trying to do but it definitely made me laugh lol

  4. How I win roulette

    First step: make a couple fun bets to see where the ball is landing but don’t focus on the number focus on the color.

    Second step: after u got it figured out u just hop from black an red. Usually black or red will hit twice in a row. But u also gotta watch the spinners hand. The faster they spin it the more likely it is to land on red. Hope this helps ☺️

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