How to Learn a British Accent *Fast* (Modern RP)

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Today I’ll talk through some top tips to rapidly speak with more of an RP British accent.

There are so many varieties of British accents from across the UK – in this video we’ll be focusing on Modern Received Pronunciation (RP), sometimes also known as “Standard Southern British English” / SSBE. If you want to learn a different variety of British English, there are some fantastic videos on how to do those so I’d recommend you check one of those out!

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00:00 hello
01:01 what is RP?
01:43 word choice for British English
02:41 consonants – Ts, glottal stop, Rs, non-rhotic accent
06:39 vowel sounds – Schwa, short O, long A, round O
10:19 rhythm and intonation
10:42 hone your accent with mirroring and more

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How to Learn a British Accent *Fast* (Modern RP)

9 thoughts on “How to Learn a British Accent *Fast* (Modern RP)

  1. This is the best and most comprehensive RP accent video I've watched. Thank you, Izzy. If you ever make a RP pronunciation course, I will buy it!

  2. 3:44 it sounded more like New York accent πŸ˜„ which is just-well if I'm not mistaken, it was constituent of British Immigrants (I believe in generally 1600s) – that's why NY accent sounds kind of British or "Americanized British" πŸ˜…

  3. I'm from sri lanka.. I finded you today. So I'm glad that… I learn lot of things. Thanks thank a lot teacher.. πŸ‡±πŸ‡°

  4. Your video is great, your voice is very natural, thank you very much .Where are you from? and you are studying at Cambridge university right?

  5. Just because you have a very good accent doesn't mean you speak very good English. As long as we understand each other, why worry about your accent.

  6. This is really amazing… I never learned how to differentiate British Vs American accent before watching this video.

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