How to Out Smart & Win against the RIGGED Roulette Airball Machines

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In this video I discuss the various ways I believe the roulette airball machines and why permutations and different ways approach the game allows you to win despite its rigged potential. To learn more about permutations, strategies and the mentor program, visit or email:

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How to Out Smart & Win against the RIGGED Roulette Airball Machines

10 thoughts on “How to Out Smart & Win against the RIGGED Roulette Airball Machines

  1. I am a harsh critic but, yes the game is definitely rigged. I watch many times as a student/observer so I can have an unbiased opinion. Amazing how many times I recall the ball landing in one of 3 numbers that weren't covered!

  2. Yeah. He’s so smart and good at winning but yet he STILL WANTS MONEY FOR HIS BS SYSTEM. Notice how he talks and NEVER gets to the point? It’s called bait and switch people. NOW HE WANTS TO BLAME THE GAME FOR BEING RIGGED?! No! His system does not work. PERIOD. ……..BUYER BEWARE………..

  3. His “system” doesn’t work SO HE BLAMES THE GAME!
    (No real casino would ever risk being shut down for rigging a game. They already have an edge. Dumbys!!!!

  4. Charlie answer my question bro .. why aren't u playing with your account just for once.. dont come with that I cant concentrate bullsh*t .. because u need to talk.. or something .. just play you way.. with real money and put some music as background ..
    dont think this is too much ask for someone who is asking money for a "working" strategy ..

  5. Charlie I wanna say we never met and Ive been playing roulette professionally for two years and its been a long time since I came to see your videos, and I'm amazed to see how we think alike on every subject that comes to roulette, I just wanna say thank you for who you are. (Sorry for my english its not my mother thong)

  6. That is also the reason why the house wins in the long run because all electronic games are being manipulated. in a fair game, the player is equals the against player
    in a fair game only a good strategy lets you win but the strategy of the casino house is game manipulation, and if you don't believe that then you have no experience in casino play because it is true

  7. Charlie, This is my all-time favorite type of roulette. I cracked it in Vegas .+3800.,,My local casino *+1000.
    .. there was only twice that I cleared +$1,000 on croupier..Tables..
    As soon as you start the Win they will change the spinner which will change the velocity of the ball..stay away from human tables especially the ones that have frequent floater balls … I seen a ball that would not drop after 2 minutes.. this goes against the laws of gravity there's definitely a magnet in the…
    in the air ball game I can possibly see them being able to adjust the air pressure or velocity on the mechanism that shoot the ball out.
    … I will stick to this kind of machine and stay away from human that have way too much downtime between spins and I made a thousand off $150.
    if you study these machines you can profit and when consistently it takes patience and timing money management.
    Most of all self-control know how to take profits and leave the casino, come back and fight (WORK). Another day.

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