Roulette Football Skill – Destroy Defenders With This Soccer Move

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We go over the roulette football skill in today’s video! Also known as the Zidane and Maradona, this soccer move is highly effective! ***** Check out my recommended soccer training equipment and gear:

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Some pros doing some roulettes:

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About this video: In this video, we go over how to do roulette in football. Also known as the Maradona Spin, Zidane, Rollercoaster and other names, the roulette football trick is a very effective move that is used by some of the best players in the world. Use the roulette soccer skill to leave defenders in the dust!

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Roulette Football Skill – Destroy Defenders With This Soccer Move

10 thoughts on “Roulette Football Skill – Destroy Defenders With This Soccer Move

  1. Thanks for watching! Remember, we will be doing our first ever live video tomorrow on the channel at 3PM! You won't want to miss it. In this video we go over the roulette football skill which can be deadly if performed correctly!

  2. this is the Maradona, the roullette move looks very similar to the Maradona. the difference is with the roullete, you stop the ball with the inside of the foot rather than the sole of the foot. look at Zidane clips, he's obviously amazing at it

  3. I used it playing with my brother when he was saying he was better at football then me to his friends (he’s 16 I’m 13)

  4. In practice I'm able to do this perfectly but in matches I'm not able to do it at all. What should I do?? BTW love your vids

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