Top Five Tips For Getting More Casino Comps

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Steve and Matt Bourie from the American Casino Guide book give their five best tips for getting more comps at the casinos when playing slot machines or other electronic gaming machines. Topics covered include: signing up for a players club card; always using your when you play; when you should never use your card; only play during promotions; use only one card if in a group; and confine your play to one casino. 

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Top Five Tips For Getting More Casino Comps

10 thoughts on “Top Five Tips For Getting More Casino Comps

  1. I'm the first comment again. What do I win? New house in Hawaii? Round the World Cruise on a Ship? New Car? Airfare and Hotel for a week in Las Vegas???

  2. I wonder if the same holds true for slot tournaments. The three that I participated in – each time, the people that won and placed were all top tier players. Doesn't seem fair. Each time an old man won and I know he wasn't hitting the button faster than I was. If that's not it then some machines are looser than others.

  3. I kicked the Venetian’s ass recently, on my last day staying there a manager came up to me and offered me 2 more free nights. I said “no thanks, you ain’t getting back any of your money” 😂

  4. 2:15 I realize and understand that there are regulations in place. I guess what I ponder is when have regulations or threats of fines ever really served as a deterrent for corporate America of ANY profession let alone gambling? Time and time again the fines are more a slap on the wrist rather than an actual measurable penalty. It's seen in media, health care, food, and social networking. Far too often, fines are just seen as the cost of doing business. Until the fines and penalties surpass the profit of doing something wrong, ANY business, gambling included, will act accordingly.

  5. Hi when you say to play on one card I have a question about that. Let's say you have two cards with your name on it, can I use one of the cards in one machine and my wife use my second card in a different machines at the same time? My wife and I like to play together it's more fun that way. Will that cause an issue when they notice I have cards in 2 different machines at the same time?

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