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In my opinion this ball moved off black 22 to number 9 in a motion only a magnet could have done!

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  1. Court man with low casino they should give people money back and they should be stop. this really bad .all casino in uk they should get checked or close the love casino, and let the people with happy life man thank you.

  2. Def a magnet. I was at Firekeepers in Battle Creek Mi, and seen how the wheel was rigged. The dealer hit 25, and allowed the wheel to slow down too much before the next spin. Then, he pushed the wheel after noticing that the wheel had slowed down too much, and the ball NEVER mooved in the well sitting in 25. SO, I figured that the magnet was still on, in that number, and put $15 straight up on 25…and it hit again….I walked, and laughed.

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  4. Rigged table 100%. They are ripping other people of and sharing this money with gambling control authorities.

  5. Wow. What a bunch of salty losers lol. Balls bounce you know? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  6. Been saying for years, NOT ALL SPINS are rigged BUT IF they so wish they can manipulate, they MUST be able to so it prevents the house getting stung over and over on a game of chance, NO CHANCE about it and the best way to play is play for a short time and if you win ………………LEAVE!!!!!

  7. Yes. The girlfriend from my brother works in a casino in Malta too. She told us the same. They have a software. If you win too much you are in a blacklist. And you start to lose. Cause they can choose the number and activate the magnet.

  8. Strange how the Ball knows how to Land near from your betting number All time but never it Hits your number when they try to make you loose. Pure scam they make people addictive this way that the Player think he is gonna win soon.

  9. this video has kept thousands of dollars in peoples pockets. thanks and to the folks without 100% certainty your dilisional addicts and deserve to lose.. this video says it all and there is many other videos same as it or even more obvious search lightning roullette magnet proof '' the ball lands INBETWEEN NUMBERS…. then drops when they turn off table after a minute.— AND to top it off the lighning strike 100x and 50x for the 2 numbers very close it was heading right exactly beside the magnetted rigged….. coinsidence is 1 in trillions…. trust your eyes… not your addiction

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