Roulette Rag – Glenn Jenks

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Fasten your seatbelts for this whirlwind tour de force of ragtime piano writing from 1977! This is definitely a virtuoso rag. It also kept me up many nights in anticipation of trying to learn the insane last strain, which musically mimics a roulette ball flying around a roulette wheel (hence the name of the piece). Jenks playfully writes “Place your bets!” in the sheet music at the beginning of this last strain, and tells the musician to play “faster still.” He wasn’t kidding. I hope you enjoy Roulette Rag by Glenn Jenks!

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Roulette Rag – Glenn Jenks

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  1. Superb! How I love the super clean way you play these Glenn Jenks rags! I hear and see what you mean about the last strain. It would have kept me up nights as well trying to get on top of it! Corte, I would love to see you give a whole ragtime recital "live" sometime. You really have a lot to offer as a pianist!

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